As for the educational process, the department guarantees the study program of Teaching of Academic Subjects - Geography. Geography is mostly studied in combination with natural science subjects. Graduates are qualified to be teachers pertaining to their specialization at primary and secondary schools as well as university. The graduates know their subject specialization, its structure and at the same time they are able to spread into the broader connections of natural science disciplines, pedagogical-psychological, and didactic aspects of education. The graduates know the content and didactics of teaching of subject specialization, structure, and application of knowledge in practice. In addition to mastering the teaching skills (planning, implementation, and feedback of teaching in classroom), they are able to participate in the development of methodological materials for teaching.

Since the academic year 2004/2005, the department guarantees the bachelor's study program of Geography in Regional Development.

The graduate can identify partial problems of individual geospheres of landscape sphere, is able to evaluate the potential of the landscape and analyze its problems at different hierarchical levels, has the ability to assess the landscape changes. Graduates master the basics of landscape management. They have knowledge of cartography, physical geography, human geography and regional geography, geoinformatics, economics, law, psychology, etc., and master the PC work. Graduates are qualified professionals to work in the public administration, self-governing regions, towns, municipalities, and in the environment sector, in companies and in different professional and scientific institutions where they will be able to create, process and, and interpret the databases with spatial-geographic information, and participate in the development and management of territories (regions) of different hierarchical level.

Content of the study is made of the disciplines of physical geography, human geography, regional geography, applied geography, and regional development. Considerable attention is given to teaching geographic information systems (GIS) and didactics of geography. Also field trips and excursions are part of the educational process. The student can specialize in more by choosing selective seminars, term papers and projects, ŠVOČ (Student Research and Professional Activities) works, and diploma thesis. Moreover, visiting lecturers from abroad or external workers are employed short-term at the department.

Innovation of the educational process is being achieved by respecting the current trends of society development , application of modern scientific and educational methods, providing progressive technical devices and tools, and developing contacts with foreign institutions.

Science and Research

Regarding the scientific-research program, the department focuses on the research of dynamic aspects of geographic systems and elaborates them at the level of local, regional, and global spatial structures. The research is focused not only on geographic analyses and syntheses, but also on regional development.

The scientific research of the members of the department is oriented towards the following tasks:

When focusing on physical geography

- research of space-time changes in natural geosystems,

- human impact on natural geosystems,

When focusing on human geography

- transformational changes in economic sectors (industry, agriculture, services, tourism, etc.)

- human resources in the territories,

- socio-geographic phenomena in society,

When focusing on regional geography

- research of regions at different hierarchical levels (Slovakia, Nitra Region, districts of the Nitra Region, microregions, municipalities, etc.)

- border areas,

- regional labor market,

- problems of rural development,

- possibilities for forming new spatial structures,

When focusing on geographic information systems

- the creation of local and regional geographical database,

- creating digital maps,

When focusing on didactics of geography

- managing the diversified teaching concepts, work with talented youth (extra-curricular activities in the field of geography, especially, Geographic Olympiad),

When focusing on applied geography

- geo-ecological methods of environment assessment,

- regional disparities of the territory,

- regional and sustainable development of the territory at different hierarchical levels.

Results of the scientific-research activities are published in scientific journals which are regularly issued by the Department of Geography and Regional Development FNS CPU in Nitra - Geographical studies and Geographical Information. Furthermore, members of the department publish also in other journals issued by geographic institutes at home and abroad. The results of their activities are presented on home or international conferences and seminars.

Social Practice

After 1990, the cooperation with entities of social practice has become more intensified and extended. References about the cooperation can be provided by the Office of the Nitra Region - Department of Foreign Relations, Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, public administration of individual districts of the Nitra Region and also by the district of Krupina, Termál Microregion, SOTDUM Microregion, Regional Office of Education in Nitra and in Trenčín, etc.

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